The Foreign Media’s Jiangxi Experience of 2018 Jiangxi Tourism Industry Development Conference has concluded successfully.

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The team of foreign reporters poses for photo in front of the bronze statue—Tongbin, the god of the kiln in Jingde Town.

Photographer Shi Peijie

CRI Online (Reporter Liu Shidong):

On May 9, the “Foreign Media’s Jiangxi Experience” under the framework of 2018 Jiangxi Tourism Industry Development Conference has successfully concluded in Jingdezhen, the “porcelain capital”. The event was jointly held by the Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Development Committee and China Radio International of China Media Group. During the four-day tour, reporters from 10 countries and regions, including Germany, Canada, Romania, Thailand, South Korea and others watched local performances, enjoyed the scenery and tasted delicious food. On top of experiencing the beauty of Jiangxi themselves, the reporters have also demonstrated both Jiangxi’s beautiful scenery and rich history and culture to the world, through an international perspective.


Roxana Vladut, a European newspaper reporter, performed Taiji wearing Taiji costume specially brought from Romania in Sanweng Garden, Fuzhou, on May 7.

Photographer Zhao Bo

Fuzhou city is the first destination of this activity. Located in the east of Jiangxi Province, Fuzhou has a reputation of being one of the most significant area among nearby provinces since ancient times. As the host city of the 2018 Jiangxi Tourism Industry Development Conference, Fuzhou is rich in cultural and tourist resources. Here, foreign media reporters have not only “met” the Eastern Opera Master Tang Xianzu and his masterpiece “Peony Pavilion,” but also visited famous mountains and gardens in Fuzhou. They have even attended the third Zixi International Tourism Culture and Bread Festival and witnessed the creation of the “longest Cake in the World” and its entering the Guinness Book of World Records. All the above have provided them with a better, deeper and much more intuitive understanding of the Chinese culture.

After leaving Fuzhou, the team visited the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area, a famous Taoist mountain in Shangrao City on May 8. On the day of the visit, the mountains were filled with clouds and mist, like a fairyland. Although the light rain has somewhat affected the view, the foreign media reporters are still in high spirits. Wild flowers, exotic trees and precious birds on the cliff have all become the focuses of their cameras. The Taoist culture in the Mount Sanqingshan highlights the breadth and depth of Chinese culture, which also fascinated all the foreign media reporters.

On the 9th, the weather cleared up. The team visited HuanglingShaiQiu Scenic spot in Wuyuan and Jingdezhen, a famous cultural city with a history of a thousand years. Huanglingshaiqiu Scenic area is a typical mountain settlement village. It is extremely different from the business city life which perfectly demonstrated the traditional Chinese idea that “Slow and steady wins the race.” Foreign journalists have shuttled through the ancient Huizhou folk houses in the village, appreciating the wooden carving on the building and admiring the beautiful scenery in the mountains. It was a feast for their eyes and a treat to their minds.


German journalist Nils Bergemann films the porcelain manufacturing process at the Jingdezhen Ceramic Folk Museum.

Photographer Zhao Bo

In Jingdezhen Town, foreign journalists watched the porcelain production process with full enthusiasm. Some reporters have even personally technic called drawing billet. The close “contact” with Jingdezhen has allowed reporters to have a deeper understanding of China’s porcelain culture. After the visit, journalists have posted photos and articles about the trip on their respective social platforms, becoming active promoters of the Chinese culture.

Gu Jianyun, Chairman of Canada’s Red Maple Media Group, sends a blessing message to CRI Online.

Photographer Zhao Bo


Reporter TENG CAMBODIAN with Cambodian Phnom Penh Evening News sends a blessing message to CRI Online.

Photographer Zhao Bo

Thai Daily News reporter BUNYAOWALAK KAN takes photos during the tour.

Photographer Zhao Bo


Hungarian journalist HAJNAL LASZLO watches the porcelain production process.

Photographer Shi Peijie