“We should continue to implement the “going out” strategy” – said the secretary of the party committee of the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area during a joint interview by both foreign and domestic reporters

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Zhu Li, secretary of the Party Committee of the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area, attends an interview, answering questions raised by reporters with the 2018 Jiangxi Tourism Industry Development Conference, on May 9th.

Photographer Shi Peijie

May 9th, Zhu Li, The Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area party secretary (second row, the fourth from right), poses for pictures with foreign reporters and CRI Online reporters after attending an interview.

Photographer Shi Peijie

CRI Online (Reporter Liu Shidong)

In the afternoon of May 8th, against the background of a light rain, a team of foreign reporters for the 2018 Jiangxi Tourism Industry Development Conference climbed up to the famous Taoist resort, the Mount Sanqingshan. The event was jointly held by the Jiangxi Provincial Tourism Development Committee and China Radio International of China Media Group. Before leaving the Mount Sanqingshan, on the morning of May 9th, the reporters’ team also conducted an interview with Zhu Li, secretary of the CPC party committee of the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area, covering questions focusing on how the Mount Sanqingshan could further develop its tourism industry in the future.

Upgrade the overseas publicity, expand the inbound tourism

Zhu Li has spoken highly on the event organized by CRI Online. In response to the question raised by KoreaXH newspaper President Cao Mingquan on how to further promote the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area to foreign visitors, Zhu Li said that similar activities will be held at irregular intervals in the future, and the scale of the activities will be expanded in order to attract more foreign media to come and speed up the pace of the internationalization of the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area with the help of foreign media outlets.

In addition, Zhu Li introduced the current inbound tourism situation of the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area and some plans on expanding overseas market in the future. Last year, South Korean topped the list of the number of tourists visiting the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area, followed by China’s Taiwan, (foreign visitors and tourists from China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are included on the list). Based on this data, the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area plans to further develop the market in South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, enter and open the Southeast Asia market and try and test the European and US market. It plans to follow the strategy of expanding the market with focuses.

Enhance Product Innovation and increase the amount of tourists

German journalist Nils Bergemann with China Radio International of China Media Group, on the other hand, is more interested in the question of how would the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area attract more tourists. On this issue, Zhu Li said there are mainly to aspects: the first is to expand publicity and enhance brand awareness; and the second is to further integrate resources and enhance production innovation so that more and more high quality products can be provided with preferential prices.


Zhu Li specifically mentioned that the “Tourism +” product series specially designed by the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area. For instance, the ” the Mount Sanqingshan High altitude Trestle Marathon” is under the category of “Tourism + Sports” while the “The Mount Sanqingshan Video Game Competition” falls into the type of “Tourism + e-sports”. All these activities have not only attracted many young visitors but also enriched the tourists experience.

Zhu Li (left), secretary of the CPC party committee of the Mount Sanqingshan Scenic Area, answers the reporter’s question. The reporter (Right) is Huang Kongjun, a correspondent with Hong Kong’s “Asia Weekly”.

Photographer Shi Peijie

Strengthen Cultural relics’ Protection, Inherit the Taoist Culture

Hong Kong “Asia Weekly” correspondent Huang Kongjun has raised a question on how to make the Mount Sanqingshan into a “business card” of the Taoist culture origin. Zhu Li replied the question with a saying that is “tourism is vivid because of culture, and culture is wonderful because of tourism.” He said that the combination of culture and tourism is the combination of romance and adventure, and this is what the Mount Sanqingshan wish to provide.

Zhu Li further explained the detailed plan. He said that first of all, the Mount Sanqingshan has invited many experts and institutions specialized in the Taoist cultural research to have a closer look at its own Taoist history and have invited them to deliver speech on the research, excavation and inheritance of the Mount Sanqingshan’s Taoist aspect. Secondly, the Mount Sanqingshan have been actively protecting the Taoist cultural relics. Thirdly, the Mount Sanqingshan have also managed to refine and present the outstanding elements of Taoist culture and present them to visitors in a modern and innovative.