Foreign Media Journalists Appreciate the Culture of Jiangxi Huangma Township into the international sight

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On June 3, more than 10 reporters from the Vietnam National News Agency, the Serbian BETA News Agency, the Portuguese Portuguese News and other media came to Huangma Township, Nanchang County, which is known as the “natural oxygen bar”, and visited the famous scenic spot Fenghuanggou. Local cuisine, ornamental scenery of the yellow horses.

Huangma Township has a superior geographical position. “Not far from the city, it is very close to nature.” Foreign media reporters just got off the bus and were attracted by the sight of “Peach Blossom Spring”. The silent mountains surround the birds. The air is filled with the fragrance of tea trees and flowers. “The grass is delicious and colorful.”


Foreign media reporter visited Jiangxi Silkworm Silk Ecology Museum Photography Hu Zhugen

According to local staff, Huangma Township promotes the development of tourism with landscapes. Shili Hetang is the favorite of tourists in the summer. “Green lotus covered green water, Furong batch red and fresh”, the lotus is refreshing. As a national-level AAAA-level tourist scenic spot, “Phoenix Ditch” has the reputations of “China’s beautiful pastoral”, “National Top Ten Leisure Farms” and “National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Five-Star Park”. Every year, many newlyweds come here to take pictures and leave romantic memories. As soon as he walked into the scenic spot, Zhao Yonghe, a reporter from the Vietnam National News Agency, could not help but sigh: “This is really a feast for the eyes.”


凤凰沟茶海 摄影 胡竹根


Speaking of the history of humanities, since ancient times, Huangma Township, a county with a simple folk style, has nurtured generations of talented people. The staff introduced to the foreign journalists that “Phoenix Valley” was named after the legendary legends of the Ming Dynasty painters Tang Bohu and Ning Wang Zhu Xi. In addition, Raojia in the territory of Jiegang Village was a well-known farming family. In the history, there were dozens of scholars. Among them, Rao Wei and Rao Shen were the highest positions of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Justice. The Brotherhood Hall was passed down as an eternal story. In the early Qing Dynasty, the painting of the Eight Great Mountain People, Zhu Xi, had been in the Huangma Township for 16 years. The painting place of Huang Qiuyuan, the master of Chinese painting, was Baihuling in the Qiuyuan Square of Huangma Township. Jiacun Majiaqiao people.


Phoenix Valley Scenic Area Photo Nanchang County Party Committee Publicity Department


Nanchang County pays attention to promoting the development of rural tourism and leisure agriculture, and strives to create a new business card of “County + Sports + Tourism”, which greatly enhances the cultural development and economic construction of Huangma Township. It shows the modern image of Huangma Township before the foreign journalists. While maintaining the original humanistic environment, Nanchang County has developed a new type of cultural tourism industry and created two business cards of “Millennium Ancient County” and “Civilized New City”. (By Wang Joe, Hu Tingting)


Foreign media reporters took a group photo