International scientists gather in Shenzhen

来源: 點新聞   时间:2023-07-05 00:19:41

Dozens of scientists worldwide participated in the International Seminar on New Materials, either offline or online, organized by Guangming Science City in Guangming District, Shenzhen Municipality, South China, on June 30.

As a special program for European participants, the Seminar was part of the second Young Scientists Festival (YSF) 2023 with the theme of "Towards the Bright Future", which attracted scientists and scholars from Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, and Sweden. Young experts and scholars from research institutions and universities in the Guangming Science City exchange the latest research results and international trends in the field of new materials and actively promote international academic cooperation in this area.

"The talent, wisdom, and technological strength of Guangming Science City enabled us to kick off this International Seminar on New Materials," said G. Kiriakidis, Chairman of the Seminar, President of the European Materials Society, and founder of the Optoelectronic Materials Laboratory of the University of Crete.

"In recent years, China has made great progress in innovative ecological development, and China's technological breakthroughs in the field of new materials are also obvious to global peers," said R. Martins, former President of the International Union Materials Research Society (IUMRS).

From July 21-25, this year's "Ultimate 72-hour Innovation Challenge for Global Young Talents" festival will be held with the concept of "72 Hours to Live, Research, Study and Practice together". Under the guidance of academicians and top scientists, young researchers from around the world will form 12 teams to work on different research subjects, share innovations and create a bright future for scientific development.



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