The second Xiangshan Cultural Tourism Festival opened

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Meeting the ancient county of the School of Mind Gathering in the beautiful Jinxi The 2nd Xiangshan Cultural Tourism Festival Opens

On the evening of September 22, themed by “meeting the ancient county of the School of Mind, gathering in the beautiful Jinxi”, the 2nd Xiangshan Cultural Tourism Festival opened in Jinxi County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province with a grand opening ceremony, presenting a wonderful audio-visual cultural feast to the general public who have been waiting for days.

The Activity Site

The Activity Site

With the light show, song and dance performance, drone show, and fireworks show as forms of artistic expression, the evening party presented a great show for the general public, the loud singing echoed across the sky, and the beautiful dancing tugged at the heartstrings. At 7:30 p.m., the square has long been crowded. The opening of the light show “Shengshi Neon Xuanlan Jinxi” attracted the attention of the audience at once, and they took out their phones to take photos, “That’s so beautiful!” Unique creativity and advanced technology perfectly integrated the regional culture and tourism features, and colorful neon lights outline the landmarks and natural landscapes of Jinxi, placing people in a dream world of light and shadow.

The Activity Site

In the time-space dialogue, the performance of the Lu family motto made people feel the thickness and inheritance of traditional culture. The actors vividly reproduced the history and family motto of the Lu family through the form of stage drama. Touching scenes on the big screen in the center of the gorgeous stage gave the audience a deeper understanding and admiration of traditional culture. The drone exhibition changed various patterns and words in the sky, which was mesmerizing.

The Activity Site

Crosstalk comedian Qi Zhi’s witty and humorous performance produced much mirth among the people, Wulan Tuya, Shanshui group, a music group, and other powerful singers came to perform, “Horse Pole” (Tao Ma Gan), “You Do Not Go” (Ni Mo Zou) and other familiar classic songs to resonate with the audience. Subsequently, the singer Zu Hai even pushed the whole performance to the climax with the song “Good Luck” (Hao Yun Lai), which brought a chorus from the audience. Wonderful performances and enthusiastic atmosphere liven up the activity site, the sound of music and cheers echoed in the night sky of Jinxi for a long time.

The Activity Site

The whole party was full of applause and joy. Accompanied by the “dragon and phoenix bringing prosperity” pattern and the words “meeting the ancient county of the School of Mind and gathering in the beautiful Jinxi” and “the cultural city, Fuzhou, the boat of dreams” and other words on display over the square, thousands of drones and actors and dancers combined together, with precise choreograph and cooperation, presenting highly coordinated stage performances. The whole show ended beautifully with the firework-song and dance performance “Harmonious China-Meeting Jinxi”. The Shou Yao Lion and Ai Jiao Dragon performances, both are non-heritage cultures for Jinxi and iconic name cards of Jinxi for the world. When the rustic drums and music sound, various art categories and folk customs merge into one on the stage, people are intoxicated in thess fascinating folklore scenes. “it’s fantastic, we like the light show and fireworks show the most, and the time-space dialogues also shocked us, as if we were personally on the scene, these performances let us feel the charm of the traditional culture of Jinxi even more.” Citizen Ms. Zhang’s family of three came to the site, full of praise for the performance.

The Activity Site

With excellent song and dance performances, the audience’s heart could not be calmed for a long time. The evening party did a great job in the promotion of Jinxi and the introduction of cultural tourism in Fuzhou. Today’s exciting night is destined to be a clamor night with the sleepless happiness of people in Jinxi. [Text/Photo by Guo Yutong]




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